Movies Watched [September 2011]

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Last month I focused more on my Movie Project with a handful of other films scattered in between. I liked nearly everything I watched, and I was very happy to finally see titles like Dr. Strangelove, L.A. Confidential and Cool Hand Luke. A good movie month for me, and I have a feeling October will be even more jam-packed with classics.

In order of viewing (number represents year overall total, not this month):

140) Airplane! [1980] Airplane! [1980]

141) I Saw the Devil [2010] I Saw the Devil [2010]

142) Limitless [2011] Limitless [2011]

143) Rain Man [1988] Rain Man [1988]

144) Akira [1988] Akira [1988]

145) [REC] 2 [2009] [REC] 2 [2009]

146) Hotel Rwanda [2004] Hotel Rwanda [2004]

147) The Magnificent Seven [1960] The Magnificent Seven [1960]

148) The Asphalt Jungle [1950] The Asphalt Jungle [1950]

149) Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb [1964] Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb [1964]

150) Moneyball [2011] Moneyball [2011]

151) The Troll Hunter [2010] The Troll Hunter [2010]

152) Contagion [2011] Contagion [2011]

153) L.A. Confidential [1997] L.A. Confidential [1997]

154) Cool Hand Luke [1967] Cool Hand Luke [1967]

Eric @ The Warning SignMovies Watched [September 2011]

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  1. Scott Lawlor

    Hi Eric, Sorry I haven’t been around lately been away on Holiday!!

    Back now, sucks!!

    Busy month you had there my friend!! A real mix of films as always!!

    1. Eric

      Yeah, it was my first time seeing LA Confidential. I was blown away… what an incredible film, probably my favorite I have seen on the Project so far. Can’t believe it took me so long to see it!

      1. ruth

        Glad to hear you love L.A. Confidential. Both Castor and I LOVE that film! I haven’t seen Dr. Strangelove for ages, I saw that for a film class and really love that one.

        1. Eric

          Yeah, it was great to see LA Confidential, especially after playing through the video game LA Noire. I noticed a lot of things in the movie that influenced the game.

          Dr. Strangelove was pretty awesome, too, with a lot of great funny moments. Can’t wait to write about it.

  2. jsicktheslick

    So many movies that I want to see here! Whenever I look at your sight I just get inspired to watch more films. Keep it up, maybe you can hit 200 movies by years end.

    1. Eric

      Haha thanks dude. I think there’s a good chance I will get to 200 this year, especially if I am able to finish the project in time. Hope you’re able to check out some of these movies.

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